Drivers are outraged by the consequences of the emergency repair of city streets

Водители возмущаются аварийными последствиями ремонта столичных улиц

Work road of the capital under the scheme of “slack” has already forced several motorists to damage their cars about the remains of street reconstruction. Capital Department nod at each other and promise that the repair will be delayed for another five or six years.

Social networks are full of photos and messages about the strange – and usually very hard design that appeared on the streets of the capital. Referred to concrete blocks in the middle of the roadway (they are called “future Islands”) protruding elements of the curbs and the like.

As a rule, all these innovations are no marked, and the suffering of the drivers and their cars already threatened to become a mass drivers are simply unable to notice unexpected obstacles in the dark. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the mayor’s office is already overwhelmed with complaints and residents and municipal deputies, but in response received only a vague apology.

In the Center of traffic organization of Moscow argue that to understand the concrete blocks on the roads, which has already been nicknamed “teeth he said” is the fault of the contractors hired by the Department overhaul of Moscow. According to the Deputy head TSODD Alexander Evsin, the office also sent the complaint – including the traffic police. However, explanations from the city authorities has not followed yet.

The request for publication in the Department of the overhaul, said that the Agency is monitoring the situation, as public opinion for the Department is very important. Quality control works are carried out regularly, violators shall issue orders and fines and the like. However, as stated by the head of Department Alexey Eliseev, reconstruction in the city center will continue for another two to three years, and outside TTK – five or six years.
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