In Russia have created a unique film for flexible displays

В России создали уникальные пленки для гибких экранов

Russian scientists have created a new conductive film that could become the basis for flexible screen smartphones.

As a rule, the screens of most of the gadgets as the conductive bases used indium-tin oxide, the plasticity of which is limited by the bending radius of 3 cm. the Russian experts were able to create a material with a bend radius only 2 mm thanks to the unique technology of production and application of conductive nanotubes in a polymer base.

This film will make the most of thin bendable smartphones with less reflective, making them easy to use in Sunny weather. The new film can be repeatedly stretched to 100% while maintaining performance.

In addition, the film can be used to create high precision medical sensors and tactile sensors for robots. For example, it will make more accurate readings of medical sensors for ECG and monitoring devices for heart rate and respiration.

If “covered” this film is a robot, they will have high tactile sensitivity and will be able to make finer.

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