The telemarketers get bored less

According to analysis conducted by the firm Transaction Network Services (TNS), a company providing mobile communication services, successfully compete with those who are in automatic mode carries out advertising canvassing subscribers. However, used for such campaign methods have become more sophisticated.

Anyway, for the first 6 months of this year, the proportion of calls that, most likely, with fraudulent purposes, was reduced to 12% with companies including AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Sprint, TMobile and Verizon, which account for 70% of all phone calls.

According to bill Versen, head of TNS products, the main method are more effective ways of blocking. In addition, the role played by legislative and regulatory decisions, as well as the use of artificial intelligence and analytical techniques. However, he noted that to a greater extent become a victim of hackers can subscribers small providers who do not have appropriate technical capabilities.

On an average day, Americans receive 200 million unwanted calls, including the number made, most likely, with fraudulent purposes, increased by 28%.

Often these criminals use fast switching rooms, not giving the possibility to recognize them, as well as masked for users of local networks (such incidents for the year was 6%, and their proportion reached 25% of the total). If the risk of connecting to someone else’s phone to make a call was 1 to 4 thousand, now it has increased to 1 to 1.7 thousand. And finally, there are now more cases where the telemarketers masquerading as numbers “hot lines” created legitimately operating companies.
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