The American survived, after spending 7 hours unconscious, until his face was stung by fire ants

A man from Florida was able to miraculously survive after he lost consciousness due to the extreme heat and I was lying unconscious for a long 7 hours until across his face crept the stinging fire ants. By the time when he was finally found, he was in a terrible state.

Clifford rice (49) worked as a security guard at the stadium Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on September 9, when in the Parking lot, he started to have a seizure and he fell right between 2 parked cars, as later told in hospital St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he received medical treatment.

That Clifford is lying in the Parking lot unconscious, no one knew as much as 7 hours. When he was finally found and was immediately taken to the hospital in Tampa, he was already in a very dangerous condition.

The last thing he remembered before losing consciousness, was the fire ants that covered all his face. “A lot of them… the ants just walked the line, it seemed to say to each other “Hey, buddy, have some meat.” I thought, “Wow, that’s bad””– said rice company WFTS news of the day.

At the hospital, said that when Clifford was brought in, he could not breathe independently, and his level of dehydration was very dangerous. In addition, he began to reject the organs and there were numerous wounds on the body.

The hospital wrote at Facebook: “His chances of survival were incredibly low”.

By the time he woke up a week after hospitalization, he weighed 60 pounds less and is partially blind in his left eye.

But despite the shocking incident, rice had recovered at the hospital. After 2 weeks, September 25, he was discharged. “I wasn’t supposed to survive. They have never seen anything like it”– admitted Clifford WFTS.

At the hospital, noted that men “defies explanation,”and called him “a magician”.
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