Spain “doomed” the fourth election in four years

Spain “doomed” in the early parliamentary elections. This was announced late on Tuesday evening, 17 September, acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Sanchez, quoted by AFP, said that new elections will take place less than two months later, on Sunday, November 10. Their conduct acting Prime Minister declared immediately after the conversation with king of Spain Philip VI.

According to the radio station Deutsche Welle, the king decided not to nominate candidates for the post of Prime Minister because none of them “lacked the support” of Parliament.

The decision was motivated by the failure of many months of attempts by the Spanish socialist workers ‘ party (PSOE), — won the elections in April 2019, but not received the required majority, to negotiate with representatives of other forces on the formation of the government.

Sanchez was accused of failure of negotiations left parliamentary bloc “Together we can” (Podemos Unidos). “Podemos “is blocking us for the fourth time together with the conservative opposition, preventing the establishment of the progressive government headed by the Socialist party,” said Sanchez.

The opposition, in turn, accused Sanchez’s reluctance to form a coalition Cabinet. “It’s not fair that when you create progressive governments will be represented only 7 million people who voted for the socialist party. 4 million citizens who voted for us must also be submitted… Attempt to become Prime Minister, without offering anything in return, senseless”, — said the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, quoted by Euronews.

The November elections will be for Spain’s fourth in the last 4 years and the second this year.

At the same time, for all time the actions of the new Spanish Constitution (since late 1978) the elections were held a total of 13 times.

Elections held in April 2019, was also early. The need was dictated by the crisis, due to the fact that the government of Sanchez are unable to get the Parliament approval of the draft budget.
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