Near future: who will lose the “green”

Ближайшее будущее: кто проиграет «зеленым»Even if the young Swedish ecoactivity Greta Thunberg do not be made in the headquarters of the UN with the software indictment of “adult” politicians, we would have to admit that the idea of a clean and healthy planet at any price gripped the societies of developed countries. Russia will not stay aside. The Paris agreement is fully ratified, and therefore, fiscal measures by the state to manufacturers, including a special carbon tax on greenhouse gas emissions is not far off.

In a new technological stage it is not an idea advanced and radical groups, now is a respectable mass the idea, available to anyone. Yes she will have to pay and pay a lot, but risk nothing but a purse is not necessary. By the end of the 2010s the old radicalism of green activists became pop culture, and the adherents of such of the rebels has turned into a global influencers. Greta doesn’t fly planes, and even in new York it arrived on a yacht with a zero-cycle energy consumption. We will not argue how much material and energy has been spent on the production of this wonderful boats, this is not so important. The main thing is a strong image. He remembered, sold and driven by the interests in the right direction.

The green idea is simple, understandable and close to a growing number of citizens in societies, to build effective institutions distribution of wealth through the welfare state. Touching the green idea, you can dramatically raise their self-esteem, become a hero, on a local scale and to meet the expectations of their neighbors of a harmonious personality.

Brave new world starts with ideological positions, where everyone can feel part of the global green movement, simply going for a daily shop in a store without a plastic bag.

No matter what happens somewhere in the third world beyond your personal efforts, but right here, right now, you can receive a portion of the rigid social approval.

Against this background, the European green have not only shown a great result in the European elections, they in some cases dominating traditional social democratic parties have lost their hero, who fought for an end to exploitation of workers and even against private property. This character is morally and physically obsolete, it weakened, lost touch and forgotten.

Clearly, the wave of electoral success of green and common econstroi companies create an unusual ideological cover for a market economy, the repercussions of which we still have to assess. But obviously in this economy the focus of the business will not only profit the capitalist enterprise, but also the expectations of the progressive public. For example, Apple has long been certifies aluminium, which buys for their gadgets. Without demonstrating the use of clean energy for the production of metal to become a supplier of “Apple Corporation” will not work.

Green agenda is having an increasing impact on free markets and capitalism. Approval from the green activists is becoming an essential element in the development of a number of industries. And appreciated not only the concern for the environment on a global scale, but local restrictions on emissions of all types, and noise pollution. Of course, it’s part of competitive games in the twenty-first century. Skillfully playing up the green values, you can fight for the consumer.

If you don’t want to play along willingly, the tools to make, too. On the one hand, the pressure of society, demanding the implementation of environmentally friendly production and transport at any price, and on the other hand, the state is developing a modernisation programme and introduces a progression of fines for not wanting to evolve.

A simple example: it is a city bus when the primary purchase is still three to four times more expensive than similar cars with internal combustion engine. But society is willing to pay, and the government is ready to go and help producers and consumers to new technologies through a system of fines and restrictions.

This means that even if right here and now, the new technology loses in economic efficiency of the old, ideological pressure may free up space for it under the sun.

Therefore, in the next decade we are waiting for full and final victory electric transport. Once in the beginning of XX century oil and petroleum replaced coal infrastructure, so now oil companies have to make room before the new era of pure electric vehicles. Thus, the cessation of mass production of internal combustion engines is around the horizon. As is, in 10 years the cost of owning electric vehicles will be comparable to transport fuel, and possibly surpass it. And effective image it has become today.

In the near future, the first to leave us diesel and gasoline buses, then turn over light-duty trucks, delivering a shipment of goods through the city – a role play the ability to work nights, quiet and with no disturbances to residents. Then move electricity long-haul trucks, and somewhere in the distant future all come to mass and personal transport, if not by the time will replace the electric car sharing, receiving preferential access to the infrastructure today.

In the future, new transport will become even more tied to the infrastructure. At high density of charging stations or something similar to stations on the rapid replacement of the batteries is so strong today, the value of the limited battery capacity and its high cost will no longer be playing the role. It will remove a major obstacle to the explosive growth of the electric vehicle.

Further more. Electricity will be asalternative fuels in developed countries, Autonomous or semi-Autonomous cars will cease to be exotic. Bad news for truck drivers, this profession will die completely or will be replaced by someone from the category of fiction operators, looking after the movement of several truck convoys of the office chair. Romance has no place here, a cold calculation shows that, removing the driver, the European carrier immediately saves 40% of all costs.

The game is worth the candle, and major German and Swedish automakers are already preparing solutions. While they run in closed areas, e.g. in ports or quarries. However, the movement of the column – “platooning”, where only the first truck operated by a man, followed by a repeat movement of the lead car no longer a fantasy. MAN is three months conducted a successful experiment on commercial operation of the trucks in the “platooning” with real goods for real the autobahn Munich-Nuremberg.

If you are big or medium retailer and do not want to quarrel with his community, you need every day to show that you care about the environment by all available means. Otherwise, you will lose in competition with more environmentally-minded competitor or may even suffer social ostracism. This simple chain of motivation creates demand for electric trucks now, without confirmation of their economic superiority over diesel counterparts.

Paradoxically, the fact. The driver of the modern capitalist economy becomes familiar ideological pressure.

The author is a political scientist, candidate of political Sciences.
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