In Yakutia, the experts unearthed the diamond age-800 million years

Inhabitants of the Yakut surrounding area are sure to find a unique jewel, whose age was about 800 million years. A distinctive feature of this findings is the presence of another diamond which was significantly less than the first artifact.

Some time later, the experts were able to deduce that the diamond that dwells inside was more old than the external counterpart. It should be noted that a valuable find had been witness to the Nyurba GOK of ALROSA. Experts said that before they failed to find such a precious instance during production. With impressive dimensions, the jewels of the mass reached only 0,62 carat, which is equal to 0,124 grams. The academics claim that initially there was a formation of the diamond, and then there is the outer shell. This publication reports League news Russia.

Now unique precious stone learning professionals.

First on the African continent there was diamond, the cost of which amounted to $ 170,000. To identify such a valuable artifact managed by local builders. A notable feature of the findings was the presence of a bluish hue. Color painting of the jewels due to the presence of boron.

Previously, astronomers reported that during the death of the Sun the earth will survive the attack of nanodiamonds. Moreover, in addition to jewelry, from the celestial space to collapse the sand and copious amounts of corundum. Potential victims of this scourge will also be Venus, Mars and mercury.
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