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Bitcoin’s back out on the growth

After a decline below $10 thousand course the most capitalized cryptocurrencies, once again came to the growth. As of the moment, bitcoin is trading at $10 389. Behind BTC and other cryptocurrencies of the top 10 ranking of capitalization also show a positive trend.

On the background of another output of bitcoin growth, a well-known cryptographer and programmer Nick Szabo, who many members of the crypto community believe the Creator of the first cryptocurrency, shared his vision of the possibilities of using BTC:

“There are a number purposes in which the use of bitcoin is not appropriate:

– creation of the reserve funds for emergencies;

– the formation of a nest egg to making major purchases in the next year.

While bitcoin can help in the following cases:

– it will protect you from the risks associated with the impact of policy on the Fiat;

– it can be used to generate long-term savings that you will see after 4 years or more (including pension, transfer of funds to education and inheritance)”.

Co-founder of the venture capital company Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano and CEO of the popular exchange of digital assets Chanpen Zhao, in turn, once again drew attention to the features of bitcoin:

“Bitcoin is the most transparent [open and honest] a financial instrument in history.

It is so clear that many can’t see him.”


Chapter cryptocurrency platform ShapeShift Eric Works also supported bitcoin, paying attention to its advantages over the traditional financial system:

“Banks can be compared to post offices – often, they just closed. Bitcoin can be compared to email – it is always available. So what presents can be the future of the digital economy?”.

We will remind, earlier known trader Peter Brandt reiterated that bitcoin is in the fourth phase of parabolic growth, which may lead it towards $100 thousand
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