To take care of the smokers

The white house has announced its intention to ban all flavored electronic cigarettes, citing preliminary data from National Youth Tobacco Survey, according to which more than 25% of the senior students prefer such products.

The desire of the government is understandable. However, the problem is that such flavors and prefer adult smokers, which is designed such devices.

Doctors have come to believe that e-cigarettes have a positive effect, if an adult cannot or does not want to give up Smoking. Of course, they are not completely safe, however, at least not inhale tar and other harmful substances generated by burning tobacco. And if such people will be deprived of the usual flavors, there is no doubt that they will ask for them on the black market.

Existing data also suggest that teenagers are using the electronic cigarette is not always start using conventional tobacco products. It should be recognized that in 2018-2019, the proportion of minors using such devices has increased by a third, with 20.8% to 27.5%. But, at least, the growth of this indicator is lower than for the 2017-2018 th, when it increased by 78% — from 11.7 to 20.8%.

As noted by the acting head of the Food and Drug Administration Ned Sharpless, additional steps are required to protect children and adolescents from all types of Smoking. To achieve this, the Federal government banned the sale of electronic cigarettes conducted raids on retail stores and implement educational programs. For its part, the company Juul refused to release flavored cartridges and allocated $ 30 million for a program to prevent sales to youth such products, including on the Internet.

But do not forget that it is used by 10.8 million adult Americans, and the use of electronic cigarettes is a more popular way to quit Smoking than patches and chewing gum containing nicotine. The total percentage of smokers in adulthood is now only 14%, becoming the lowest in the history. And they should at least provide the possibility to use cartridges with the smell of menthol and regular tobacco, and not to introduce a General ban on such products.

Dr. Sally SATEL, analyst at American

Enterprise Institute

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