Rocker Eddie van Halen got cancer of the throat because of the metal mediator

Guitarist and founder of the hard rock band Van Halen 64-letnemu Eddie van van Whalen was diagnosed with cancer almost 20 years ago.

As reported by TMZ, the rocker was removed a third language in 2000, and in 2002, he recovered from cancer, but over the past five years he has flown to Germany to undergo a course of radiation therapy.

Despite the fact that Halen was a heavy smoker, doctors say that is not this habit was the cause of the disease. According to experts, the catalyst is that guitarist often and for many years kept in the mouth for a metal guitar pick.

Eddie told Billboard in 2015: “I used metal picks – they are made of brass and copper – which I always kept in the mouth, exactly where I had tongue cancer”.

A friend of Eddie and TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather said that “health problems” prevent Halen group.

Rocker Eddie Van Halen. Source: hardforce

A source told TMZ that Halen “for the most part working to keep the disease under control“, and “it‘s all right“.

The last time the band performed in October 2015 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.
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