“Do as they want Crimeans”, – Aksenov appealed to Zelensky

Feldman once again invited Zelensky in the Crimea that he saw and heard the opinion of the residents about the idea of “return” in the Ukraine.

“Come on, come and see what’s going on, ask questions to people and ask whether they want back to Ukraine, hear the response and accordingly decide to do so, as they want the Crimea”, – said the head of the Republic of Crimea, resource transfers “Russian Dialogue“.

This Aksenov said that the invitation for the President of Ukraine shall provide the representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Asked the head of the Crimea not only to Zelensky, but to all Ukrainian politicians, saying that the Peninsula in 2014 became part of Russia and back not going to come back. If this fact was recognized by Kiev, it will be easier and Ukraine, and the Crimea.
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