In Milan, the area has unearthed the remains of survivors of torture in the middle Ages

Italian archaeologists during recent excavations managed to stumble across evidence of the existence of sinister torture. It should be noted that the above crime took place in the middle Ages. The discovery was made by a modern innovation and development trends in forensic science.

Notable is the fact that the burial that kept the square of St. Ambrogio, it was known a few years ago, but in the public domain artifacts only recently. Preliminary analysis has provided an opportunity to establish that the remains of 7 skeletons dated to the XIII and XV centuries. The difficulty of the study of the remains of the medieval people was that most of the bodies were prone to fragmentation. According to experts working at the University of Milan, the demise of the above individuals has occurred due to the presence of enormous quantity of injury. This publication reports League news Russia.

It was found that the hands and other parts of the victim’s body was crushed with a heavy instrument, then the body pierced, which led to damage to the vertebrae, and beheaded. In the middle ages such torture was used as punishment for spreading the plague.

First in the Italian village Imola unearthed fragments of the dead, who lived in the era of the middle Ages. Some time later, the researchers were struck by the statement that in the above case we are talking about the phenomenal emergence of new life in the burial. In favor of the theory says the presence of the remains of an adult individual and located between the legs of the fragments of a newborn baby.

Earlier, the Polish builders managed to dig up fragments of the Church, which was established during the middle Ages. Under the old structure housed the remains of about 1,600 local residents. According to preliminary calculations, the construction of this necropolis dates back to the XIV century.
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