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BMW, Renault, Honda, GM and Ford will test the system of automatic payments on the blockchain


In November, a group of leading automakers will hold open trial of automatic payments for vehicles.

BMW, Renault, Honda, General Motors and Ford, together with the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative is planned to integrate the blockchain is the solution that will enable you to make payments during trips without using cash or Bank cards.

The system will assign vehicles unique identifiers with information about the owner and history of car. The aim of the project is to eliminate the need for human participation in the process of calculation for Parking or travel. In the future cars will be able to connect to other networks to pay for the refueling or charging.

MOBI is also considering the possibility of using cryptocurrency to pay the driver compensation for energy return to the grid after a failure.

The initiative will help automakers a step closer to the realization of the concept of unmanned vehicles.

In addition to these five, other automakers are also using the blockchain for automated payments. Recently carmaker Daimler behind the brand Mercedes-Benz has developed a hardware crypto for vehicles of the next generation of performing similar functions.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: capital d-cd
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