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Will the fork Istanbul to improve the situation of air?

A major Aldona ether is poor, the coin on some commercial sites is already trading below $170. ETH market cap dropped to $18,421 billion.

Last week some experts talking about the fact that the ether began to move, regardless of bitcoin. But this week the coin showed that it still very much depends on the largest cryptocurrency and began to lose ground with her.

On the eve of the ETH was tested $165, crashing for a few weeks by 25%. Thursday, September 25, Aldon is at the minimum level in five months, and many traders are now betting on the weakening of up to $150 if it is big brother bitcoin will not resume expansion.

The only hope for the ether remains hardwork Istanbul, to be held in early October. Fork is activated on one of the blocks, the number of which now selects the development team. This was explained in the beginning of September the representative of the Ethereum Hudson Jameson.

The update should take place in two phases: the first phase will take place in early October, 2019 and the second in the first quarter of next year. Fork Istanbul should solve many of the problems now facing the Ethereum network.

This will be the eighth update of the Ethereum blockchain. After activating the fork, the developers deployed a test network Rinkeby and Kovan. Their intended use must begin after completion of the second upgrade phase in 2020.

It is expected that the update Istanbul will provide users with tools for communication networks and zcash for Ethereum. It is difficult to say whether the activation fork the coin, ETH. But among experts the popular view is that the update will improve the attractiveness of the blockchain in the eyes of potential users.

If the volume of transactions starts to rise, the cost of the ether as an internal coins will be added. In early October, unlikely ETH will quickly exceed $200, but the approach to this level is possible.
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