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The bears needed the cryptocurrency market

CEO Lundar Digital Assets Han Yun believes that the bear market that cryptopolitico observed in 2018, was not only necessary, but also useful for industry development in the future.

The expert is sure that the 2018 allowed to Wake up from the fabulous growth in 2017, and to look into the eyes of reality. During this period emerged the outlines of future forms of market regulation, despite the fact that the world is still ruled by Fiat, cryptocurrencies continued to gain market share.

According to Khan, the current position of the market is natural: after the rapid growth came the classical period of “clean” and correct. In the future, the expert predicts the mass popularization of the blockchain, which will be based on the free from outsiders “soil”.

Experience, according to young, was another important component that gave cryptologist bear market. By the way, it users it identifies as the main driving force, citing the example of bitcoin, which “became popular only because of its users”.

While one expert is willing to share their thoughts with kriptosmartfon, the other Tom Lee, promised
more to comment on potential movements of the cryptocurrency.
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