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A trade war between China and the U.S. are pushing bitcoin growth

On the growth rates of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, representatives of the crypto community expressed their opinion about the future price movements of BTC.

So, according to the head of the cryptocurrency Bank Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz, currently bitcoin is in a positive movement thanks to the trade war that unfolded between China and the United States. In his specialist explained the position on this issue as follows:

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“Because the exchange rate of offshore yuan fell to the level of 7/USD, the situation in Hong Kong can not be called stable, and was initiated by the withdrawal of capital, we may well see the continued growth of bitcoin”.

The opinion of Mike Novogratz about the fact that the economic troubles on an international scale have a positive impact on the first cryptocurrency, has agreed a co-founder of Morgan Creek cryptofauna Digital Anthony Pompliano. In his microblog the specialist noted that bitcoin behaves as planned by his Creator.

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Known cryptosuite lawyer Jake Chervinsky, in turn, presented a “picture of the world”, against which bitcoin shows a growth. The specialist noted the drop in the Dow Jones at 760 points, a decline in interest rates, the fed and other circumstances.

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It is noteworthy that the active growth of bitcoin has been predicted by the trader by max Kaiser. According to experts, the positive movement is the first cryptocurrency can be explained by the fact that recently the hash rate of the asset is reached
record values.
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