Nurse the twins took birth from women who gave birth to twins

Tori Howard and her sister Tara Drinkard helped to be born to Addison and Emma Williams, born September 25 at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center (GA).

Howard nurse of the intensive care unit, and Drinkard – obstetrician. Howard said “Good Morning America“that she and her sister learned that they will work in the same room for a few minutes before the children were born.

During each caesarean section performed during labor and delivery, there is one nurse of the intensive care unit, which deals with caesarean section, says Howard. – I was excited when I was working with my sister, but I had not thought that we are twins, and they’re twins”.

Brennan and Rebecca Williams, parents of newborns Addison and Emma, said they were thrilled to learn that two nurses were twins, and their daughter.

Kids were born early – at 32 weeks (the beginning of the eighth month). They’re still in the NICU and got to go home on Thursday, October 17.

The new mother said she will tell the story of the birth of Addison and Emma as they grow.
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