Scientists have refuted the theory about the Mayan harmony with nature

The American researchers were able to reveal interesting information about the world-famous Maya civilization. The experts noted that the assumption of harmonious relations between the above people and nature is the incorrect version.

Their own conclusions scientists made on the basis of the identified impacts of the Maya on the world. Using in your own research lidars, American scientists found that when this civilization has been cutting down forests, and local land turned into a swamp-water area for cultivation of corn and other plants for consumption in your daily diet. Also in the study area were found fragments of the channel, indicating high-tech the rise of ancient culture. This publication reports League news Russia.

Experts have realized that he was wrong for the inhabitants of Mesoamerica, as the destruction of forests and the development of a network of wetlands has contributed to the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The specialists announced the intention to disclose the phenomenon of the burial of the ruler of a tribe Maya. Notable is the fact that scientists did not dare to carry out own plan within two decades. There is an assumption that funerary plate hides the remains of a completely different historical person.

We should not forget about the settlement of the Maya, located in El Salvador, which was prepared for a fate similar to Pompeii. Scientists have focused on the fact that under a massive layer of ash formed by volcanic eruption, the remains of ancient people and structures.
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