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In siddaiah bitcoin turns into more than 9,600 PTS at $78 million


According to the survey, as of 17 October, the three major sidechained projects placed 9661 bitcoin.

Although this is only 0,054% of the total number produced for today coins, but at the current rate of VTS $8090, the total value of these assets is $78,15 million

Sydeny represent offshoots from the main bitcoin blockchain and directly connected to him. The technology has existed for several years, and allow users to safely move funds to solve the second level and blocking them on the main network, with the subsequent possibility of return. Such projects offer advanced cryptocurrency exchange, is not available in the main blockchain.

The study showed that sadhana exchange Binance now turns 9001 VTS, although it was launched just six months ago. The project Wrapped Bitcoin, which is actually a token on the basis of Ethereum has attracted 571 BTC, and the network Liquid is 89 coins.

While most solutions of the second level are at the testing stage, but they are developing rapidly and are gaining popularity. Recently payment Protocol Lightning Network has successfully passed a formal security check.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty Images
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