Trump spoke about the relations of the United States with Ancient Rome. The reaction of the Italian interpreter’s priceless Notebook Russia

Network users were shocked by the statement of the President of the United States.

“The United States and Italy are connected millennial cultural and political history since Roman times”,- such statement was made by the American President Donald trump, speaking from the rostrum. Statement leads trump in his Twitter account the White house. This statement, like many others, has caused a resonance among users.

The number of Internet users made fun of the “ignorance” of the President of the United States. Critics of trump reminded that independent America occurred in 1776, and Rome fell in the fifth century.

“Oh, Oh, Oh… my Mistake, Mr. trump! Why are Your assistants submit fake reports to the American President? Illiterate your helpers”, “How old is the US?

or Italy was younger?!”, “And then the President of Italy crawled on the floor laughing” – leads some of the comments the journalist of RIA Novosti.

However, users did not stop there and went further by posting under the comments memes. One of them is “the reaction of the Italian interpreter priceless” after she had to translate the phrase trump.
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