NY Times: trump has offered to dig into the border moat with alligators and shoot at the feet of migrants

President trump offered to shoot at the feet of illegal migrantswho try to cross the southern border of the country. In addition, he expressed the idea to have a moat with alligators and snakes.

This is referred to in the new book by journalists Michael Shira and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, excerpts from which were published by the New York Times. The book is called “Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration”.

The reporters of “the times” claimed that in March this year, the President was very disappointed with the lack of results in the performance of his campaign promises about building a wall, and put forward a number of ideas.

According to the journalists, at the end of March, the President trump has threatened to close the U.S. border and Mexico, but the President’s advisors tried to dissuade him from the sharp step.

Reporters noted that trump said, “don’t make me a idiot. I won the election on this promise. This is my problem.”

“Administration officials were always trying to take him away from the abyss, from the edge of a possible crisis,” – said Michael Shire.

The book also detailed other of the President’s proposal to curb migration.

So, in November of last year, according to reporters, trump said:

“They’re going to throw stones at our military. I don’t want these people fired, but in order to slow them down, if they attack the military, you can shoot them in the legs”.

The journalists also write that the President “privately” talked about strengthening the border wall with a moat full of snakes or alligators, but also wanted the wall was electrified, with spikes at the top.

The white house responded to excerpts from the book, saying:

“President trump many times, explicitly and publicly said that he wants to make American communities safer by building a wall, closing dangerous loopholes that use of cartels”.

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