Former officer in the U.S. army David Fravor told how the dark matter absorbed the torpedo: frames

The former commander of the Navy David Fravor told about a mysterious incident that happened 15 years ago. It should be noted that the above anomaly was witnessed in the 130-kilometer zone from the coast of San Diego.

A soldier does not exclude that during the military maneuvers, the American fighter was spotted the ship of the alien creatures of extraterrestrial origin. The first mention of this incident appeared only two years ago. So, in 90-e years of the XX century during the extraction from the depths of the ocean of drones and telemetry objects he witnessed the mysterious incident. According to the soldier, from the abyss seemed to be some semblance of a dark object which a few minutes later was again in the depths. In turn, after some time, this education, absorbing the torpedo, once again rushed to the ocean depths. This publication reports League news Russia.

Direct evidence of what happened there, so to believe or not believe is everyone’s business.

It was noted earlier that employees of the secret Agency CERN had intended, a more thorough approach to the issues of the conquest of particle dark matter. Own venture a reality, researchers will bring in a 27-kilometer tunnel. As you know, particles of dark matter has affected about 30% of space.

We will remind, in the Internet appeared the information about the presence near the Earth similarity to dark matter. Surprising is the fact that these particles move at a speed of five hundred kilometers per hour.
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