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Activation ProgPoW network Ethereum again under threat. Is it important and what does Nvidia and Craig Wright?

In the community of Ethereum is an ongoing debate about the possible influence of Nvidia on the development ProgPoW — proposed updates network Ethereum, which should give the advantage of GPU miners before ASIC miners.

ProgPoW critics say the algorithm is specially designed for the GPU from NVIDIA. This means that if the update is activated, the “green” will become the main suppliers of GPU for mining ether. This will increase the company’s sales and enable it to consolidate control over the Ethereum network.

The camp of critics ProgPoW won an early victory on Tuesday, September 24, when 27-year-old Christy Leith Minehan, a leading developer of updates, in response to charges declared resignation from his post in the mining company’s Core Scientific. It is assumed that the Core Scientific tied to Nvidia and, even worse, with Calvin Ayre, who owns mining company CoinGeek supporting fork of bitcoin Bitcoin SV (BSV). About it reports the Decrypt.

NVIDIA declined to comment. Core Scientific and CoinGeek completely denied all charges and called them Minehan ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile ProgPoW received preliminary approval at the meeting of the developers of Ethereum in the beginning of this month. The answer to the question about whether it will reach a controversial update to the Ethereum codebase depends on, whether will find the solution to these “political” problems.


Critics point to the fact that Nvidia made a deal with Core Scientific to create GPU with artificial intelligence, which, according to them, can be better adapted for mining ether. Nvidia also joined the program Core Scientific called Inception.

Alexander Levin, who has previously worked with Linehan and is President of the mining company ASICshack, argues that two other developer ProgPoW (under the alias Def and Else) are actually the developers of Nvidia. Several other developers also claim that the algorithm ProgPoW will give an advantage to Nvidia miners, undermining the position of rival AMD.

To top it off, Levin has published a series of screenshotsthat must prove a direct connection of Minehan with Nvidia (and CoinGeek, but more on that below), but to establish their credibility impossible. Minehan argues that these screenshots represent a poorly fabricated evidence. One screenshot shows that she allegedly sexting with someone who literally signed by NVIDIA Corporation.

“It is likely that ProgPOW is just a Trojan horse in the Scientific Core,” says Amin Soleimani, CEO of platform Spankchain and harsh critic ProgPoW. “This means that from the point of view of centralization it may even be worse than ASIC-mining”.

Minehan said that, while Scientific Core and Nvidia really made a few deals, they only affect the AI in the GPU. These developments, in her words, very little impact to mining cryptocurrencies. She also acknowledged that Scientific Core and Nvidia can potentially benefit from the increase in GPU sales as a result of activation ProgPoW. But that’s their business. “What’s wrong with that company make a profit?”, she said.

She also rejects accusations that the Def and Else are the developers of Nvidia and claims that any evidence in favor of this are fake. She says ProgPoW not gives the advantage to Nvidia before AMD, and that both companies have checked the code (AMD did not respond to a request for comment). Minehan does not dispute that it has long been cooperating with Nvidia. “I worked closely with Nvidia and AMD for most of his career,” she said. “Why? I am an expert in the field of mining cryptocurrency. Nvidia is following very closely the market of the GPU.”

Kelvin Air

On the when Scientific Core with Calvin Eyre last week said the Executive Director of Ethereum Classic Bob Summerville (what Minahan refused to attend the conference ETC).

Proof? General Director of the Scientific Core Kevin Turner and Craig “Takashi” Wright took up the post of consultants in one mining company — mining Squire, in which, after reverse merger with CoinGeek air in March 2019, has invested $22.5 million through the purchase of shares. A few months later, Squire has signed a letter of intent with Core Scientific on placing 41 166 ASIC miners for Bitcoin SV (BSV).

But as Calvin Eyre can take ProgPoW control CoinGeek?

Summerville believes that CoinGeek will become the main buyer of Nvidia as soon as ProgPoW will be activated. As evidence, he also said on numerous informal relations of Minehan with CoinGeek (and related cryptocurrency BSV).

CoinGeek it directly denies. “I can say that this is a crazy conspiracy theory,” — said the representative of the press service of the company ed Pownall. Minehan also denies this, saying that the deal CoinGeek applies only to miners BSV, which obviously will not work for Ethereum. Minehan also revealed a private message from a person BSV Craig Wright, in which he called ProgPoW “stupid thing”.

Now, when the voltage increases, the ProgPoW fate becomes uncertain. Although the two code review eliminated several key technical problems, Tim Bako, which helps to organize meetings of the developers, said that although the offer was “accepted” by the community, additional problems related to political aspects, the activation ProgPoW put at risk.

On Thursday, the developer of Ethereum Nick Johnson tweeted: “I think at the moment ProgPoW no chance of success; not because it’s a bad idea, but because people have successfully planted enough FUDa, and objective arguments for and against it become irrelevant”.

Minehan says he left the project because the “Internet warriors” is damaging the business Core Scientific. “The Internet is very easy to criticise those who has no idea what is ProgPoW” she said.

But, perhaps, the Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin put it best: “I think the main harm ProgPoW is that it just wastes mental energy of people for something that ultimately doesn’t matter much because we are moving to a Proof-of-Stake” — he said in comments to Decrypt. A completely new algorithm for consensus without miners, ProgPoW or Nvidia.

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