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Bitcoin whales moved $2 billion for a tiny Commission

Only in bitcoin can easily move huge sums, paying mere pennies. New confirmation of this was a recent transaction “whales” in the network of bitcoin, which was made for a Commission, much smaller than the banking channels to transfer money.

These transactions attracted a lot of attention on Twitter:

“107 848 bitcoin has just been transferred for 0,02 BTC. The transaction in $900 000 000 with a Commission of $166. No government, no banks, no third parties are not able neither to verify nor to stop such transactions. This is the true power of bitcoin”.

“112 027 bitcoins ($933 000 000) were transferred in a single transaction at a price of a Cup of coffee – $3,89”.

These transactions show how simple and convenient digital payments for users.

Each of these transactions would have been far more expensive if it were done using conventional banking methods to transfer money. Commission SWIFT for international transfers are fixed, and the translation of the above amounts would require a significant number of transactions. In addition, the transfer of even a relatively small amount through SWIFT would require a few days.

Both of these issues – Commission and the speed is perfectly resolved in the network of bitcoin. The provision of such international financial freedom, fully consistent with the concept, conceived by the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

If relatively recently the world could not imagine that such the Internet-banking, but now the digital currency are huge changes in our understanding of monetary value and how it is moving.
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