The mother of 6-year-old child requires to take action due to the fact that the school was vaccinated a child without their permission

Mother of 6-year-old boy said that “something must be done” after her son’s school held a child vaccinated against the flu, although she has not given them their permission.

Kyle Amerson from North Carolina said that her 6-year-old son Braxton was confused with another child. She added that she did not give its permission for the vaccination, because her husband had a very bad reaction to the vaccine. She explained: “My family does flu shots. We just decided not to do it”. Kyle notes that the family is not opposed to vaccination, but her husband once “very sick” after a flu shot, and she doesn’t want to do to their children.

She added that she first heard that the boy was vaccinated after the teacher mentioned that Braxton “perfectly” behaved during vaccination and “didn’t cry”. Shocked mother to ask the teacher questions, insisting that he had not signed a piece of paper with a permission for the vaccination to her son. All children sent home with a leaflet for parents, and Kyle have not signed it, as if he wanted to get vaccinated, take your son to a pediatrician.

To her horror, Kyle learned that during the vaccination caused the other boy named Braxton and her son after hearing his name – went ahead and got vaccinated. Woman says she’s shocked that the school isn’t more effort to make sure that it is the correct student. “No one checked the information. No one asked his name. They have inoculated the wrong Brexton”she says, explaining that he was “about 3-4” before he got a shot.

She says: “I just want that this will not happen again, because he could be allergic. It would have killed him. It will not be jammed, something has to be done… it could have gone either way”.

After the incident, the school district made the announcement. They said: “We are aware of one case in one of our schools, is associated with influenza vaccination. At the moment we communicate with the school staff to get more information about what happened and what procedures were performed. We also actively communicate with the parents of the student in question”.

The school reportedly also assured the angry mom that in the future will act more stringent protocols to ensure that no child will not be vaccinated without permission. They assured that children will need to show staff a signed piece of paper with a permission for the vaccination, and younger children will be vaccinated, accompanied by a teacher or teaching assistant.
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