On Board the ISS by means of 3D printed meat

Russian cosmonauts managed to carry out a unique scientific experiment on Board the International space station. It should be noted that during the experiment we used 3D technology. By means of this innovation was organized the same results for bioprinting meat products.

To implement your own idea into reality the researchers used the possibility of bio-printer organ. AWT. As a result of these experiments was printed fish meat, rabbit and beef. The uniqueness of the experiment consisted in the extraordinary environment of its application, specificity of innovative techniques, not involving the connection of natural resources. For example, to obtain 1000 grams of meat, you need about 15,000 liters of water, pasture and the animal that makes such a product. The essence of innovation is to recreate the process of cell regeneration. This publication reports League news Russia.

The results of this work proved to be successful, therefore, this technology can be used in the future in the food industry. This will reduce the excessive use of natural resources, reduce environmental pollution and solve the problem of global hunger.

Previously, researchers at the American space Agency in identifying the unknown disc by the side of the ISS decided immediately to turn off all devices on a space probe. On the published footage is clearly visible activity by extraterrestrial creatures that hovered near the station.

Recall that aboard the ISS were able to witness the existence of a triangular object in outer space. It should be noted that an extraterrestrial visitor, staying in near-earth space, had an impressive size and white color palette.
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