Letters of Einstein, urging them to destroy the nuclear bomb was put up for auction

Письма Эйнштейна с призывом уничтожить атомную бомбу были выставлены на аукцион

Four letters of theoretical physicist albert Einstein in which he refers to the businessman Cleveland Dodge with calls to destroy the atomic bomb, was put up for auction Bonhams in new York for ₤12 million ($15.5 thousand). On Tuesday, October 22, reports the Daily Express.

According to the publication, Einstein has participated in the writing of the letter to US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in which he pointed out the necessity of using the atomic bomb in the war with Nazi Germany. However, having seen the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the scientist called it a terrible threat to humanity.

“At stake is the fate of our civilization,” — said in a letter to Einstein.

As notes “Interfax”, the Cleveland Dodge later became one of the supporters of the movement against weapons of mass destruction.

Earlier it was reported that a canadian blogger Robin Harbron found a coded message on an old vinyl record Christian rock band Prodigal, which he was able to decipher. He found the album the group recorded 35 years ago, and found at the end of audio track signal. Harborne put the code on the cassette, then digitized it and converted to text using volmerange computer. The code was written in BASIC and contained nine rows from the Bible and quote of albert Einstein.
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