The girl set up a hidden camera to expose everyone who looks at her bust

The girl attached to the breast a hidden camera to capture anyone who will appreciate its form. As it turned out, so she tried to attract the attention of people to breast cancer.

Whitney Zelig (29) from new York, attached a tiny camera to a t-shirt with a deep neckline, and then went for a walk around Manhattan. It is not surprising that it drew the attention of many men, women and even a dog. It turned into a funny clip, which is designed to draw more attention to the importance of breast self-examination.

In the beginning of the video Whitney attaches the camera to the neckline on the shirt and make sure that it is securely fastened, and then leaves the apartment. As soon as she leaves the building, her Breasts attracted the attention of a waiter and a woman sitting at his table on the restaurant patio.

A walk in the Park enables the man to quickly look at the cut on clothing Whitney, at the same time holding the hand of his girlfriend, who also could not resist and glanced at Whitney. The woman quickly realized that the young man appraisingly looking at another woman and easily hit him on the arm.

Chest Whitney makes one man turn and hold her gaze, then like a dog, too, seems zavorozhennaya her appearance.

Continuing along a crowded street, the girl continues to see drawn to her chest views. And when it comes on the market, one of the employee just drops the jaw, until she passes his counter. Whitney could not help but laugh at the situation, taking 2 of the melon and attach them to the chest.

After that, she continued on her way to the metro station, where her camera captures like a man not looking away from her eyes when she goes down the escalator.

Some men and women look at it twice, including those who dressed in costumes. For example, she got the views from the statue of Liberty, Batman, and cookie monster.

The video, which lasts only a minute, concludes with an important reminder: “Ladies, do not forget to look at their Breasts. Early detection saves lives”.

It is noted that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will get breast cancer, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and early diagnosis increases the chances of survival.

Whitney’s mother survived cancer, and she made a video together with his brother Chris Zelig and their best friend in the hope of attracting more attention to breast cancer and early detection of the disease through self-examination.

Adult women of all ages should perform self-examination at least once a month.

“40% of diagnosed breast cancer are detected by women who were able to find a tumor, therefore regular self-examination is very important”,- said the Johns Hopkins University.
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