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Critics do not believe in the scalability of Ethereum 2.0 and call it “fraud”

The deadline of the phased launch of Ethereum 2.0 is not far off, and critics are very concerned about the potential risks of the project. They even did not hesitate to call the Ethereum “fraudulent”project.

Deceived scalability?

The Ethereum started as an ambitious global platform for decentralized applications (Dapp) and smart contracts. Although on the basis of Ethereum already has many projects and Dapp, in fact, the network is unable to support a potential application with millions of users.

For example, when the blockchain CryptoKitties game reached its climax, transaction fees in Ethereum network increased to 0.02 ether ($20). Users and critics have concerns that the network cannot provide adequate performance when the mass implementation of the Dapp.

In other words, there is a big problem scalability of Ethereum, which needs to be solved, while the development team wants to do just that, using the Ethereum.

But Ethereum is not advertised as a scalable blockchain network from the beginning? Now this reminded the critics, especially those that are related to the development of bitcoin. Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd even said that Ethereum has always been a fraud.

Acne Buterin: “Sorry, but this article [on Coindesk] is very unfair. Even a hint of fraud in the Ethereum 2.0 is the neglect of the hard work of dozens of people who have spent years on this; especially as to the phase “0” is only a few months.”

Peter Todd: “Given that Ethereum 1.0 turned out to be a fraud and it is advertised as a scalable network of those who knew that it wasn’t true, the article raises an obvious question: Will the Ethereum 2.0 the same Scam?”

Todd also said:

“The most common type of fraud in kriptonyte is a statement of good network scalability, while it is not achieved. The fact that the network is credible, when it is not true. In Ethereum 1.0 was made both types of fraud. This is the most difficult problem for blockchain networks and fertile ground for lies.”

Todd said attracted the attention of the strategist VanEck Gabor of Gurbaksh:

Peter Todd: “Sorry Internetarchive advertises a fraudulent project. The air, in fact, is the massive range of stock from a group of founders who lied about the real possibilities. Better not to advertise the cryptocurrency, if without fraud did not do.”

“We can feel the heartbeat of Ethereum, when launched rapidly developers forum Devcon5. Thank you Vitalik, Buterin and community for the wonderful reception!”.

Gábor Gurbux: “Light show and drums won’t make the test transactions in Ethereum are more decentralized and network – scalable”.

Iteration Ethereum

The developers and supporters of Ethereum do not see anything wrong in moving to another blockchain. They see this iteration as a natural process that will help solve the problems of the first version of the network. Those who understood from the start that the Ethereum cannot scale, do not believe that these marketing statements are false.

He Vitalik Buterin argues that the conversation about the transition to a more efficient network is already in 2014:

“It is not true that there is no clear plan for the transition from Ethereum 1.0 to 2.0 Ethereum. The scheme is clear: the Ethereum 1.0 is going to live inside of the Ethereum 2.0 as runtime. And this is possible due to what has been achieved in the Ethereum 1.0”.

“The creators of Ethereum now acknowledge that his blockchain is not built with the possibility of scaling. And this is NOT a new revelation. I said in 2014 that we need to achieve scalability of the blockchain”.

Buterin also said:

“You can find those speeches, which I pronounced in 2014, saying that all existing blackany inadequate, and that we should make them better. You’d think we built our platform from the beginning, knowing that it is doomed”.

Answering questions from app developers who expressed concern about developments on the “platform, which will soon be worthless”, Buterin wrote:

“She is not worthless. Applications created for Ethereum will continue to run in the Ethereum 2.0 without the need for manual updates.”
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