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Whether a repetition of the “Halloween” the breakthrough of bitcoin?

Many analysts are trying to form a model of the movement of bitcoin, taking into account historical data.

For example, the expert under the name PlanB on Twitter recently wrote that over the next six months possible breakthrough BTC before the may reduce the reward of the bitcoin miners. Similar to the dynamics of the cryptocurrency showed before alvingham in 2012 and 2016.

Another expert Francis Pouliot allows for the possibility of a repetition of the so-called “Halloween” breakthrough four years ago.

On Twitter he pointed out that only a couple of weeks before Halloween (31 October) in 2015 BTC soared 50% to $300. At this level, the first cryptocurrency was held before the Christmas holidays.

Recent months any of the outgoing year has become a landmark for bitcoin. If at the end of 2017, we saw a breakthrough BTC to a historic high at $20,000, by December 2018, on the contrary, the coin fell below $3500.

The end of the year and can also lead to big surprises. Bitcoin might take off, as expected by the optimists, and can at best remain at current values or even fall in price, as predicted by the skeptics.
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