“Peeping Tom” for Zelensky an employee of the laugh Network users

«Подглядывающая» за Зеленским сотрудница рассмешила пользователей Сети

Netizens made fun of the employee of the press service of the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, who during the interview of the head of state during his visit to Japan appeared behind the scenes, looking out of the corner and making strange gestures.

As the newspaper notes specified by the employee, presumably, is the press Secretary Yulia Zelenskaya Mendel. Throughout the 11-minute video, four times she was in the picture, peeking out from behind the wall and waving his arms.

Probably Mendel thus tried to make it clear to the journalists about the need to end the interview. The unusual behavior of the press Secretary Zelensky laugh Network users.

“The quarter in Japan,” — said Alexander Timoshenko.

“She couldn’t swing on the other side of the camera?”, asked Denis Kornyshev.

“Farm. It’s about the appearance in the background”, — expressed the opinion of Konstantin Sorokin.

“And at the end of a handkerchief waving it, let me unsee,” wrote Les Fat-Pavlenko.

“And I could bite,” Roman said ironically Eridan.

“Thank you, that Mendel did not say, pendel,” joked Igor Tenetko.

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