The mother of a brain-dead a few hours after photos with a newborn

At the tragic photos taken a few hours before the death of 17-year-old mother Tegan Barnard, a young mother cradles a newborn.

On 9 September, the teenager gave birth to a healthy baby boy, named Parker, weighing 4 kg at St Richard’s in Chichester (UK). However, Tegan is faced with complications when she gave birth she started bleeding internally, which led to cardiac arrest. Doctors performed CPR, but she had brain damage.

The doctors kept Tegan in the hospital for about 4 weeks, assessing the condition, but it only got worse: she died 7 Oct surrounded by her son and family.

Geplaatst door Abbie Hallawell op Maandag 7 oktober 2019

We’re all in terrible shock, I just want to return Tegan. I didn’t think my heart can shatter into a million pieces. I’ll never be the same – told Fabulous Digital 35-year-old Abby Halliwell, the girl’s mother. – She wanted to be a mom, she was so excited. She was the best mommy in the world. She loved him so much”.

Grandma Parker said that the hospital staff was on the ball and they don’t have anything against them.

Together alday like it should be thanks to the girls love it x

Geplaatst door Abbie Hallawell op Vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

Abby and the baby’s father Leon Forster will raise the child together. So Parker never forgot his mother, the family made a special t-shirt with their joint image.
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