Experts tell how to expose the man by his handwriting

CSU told the world community how it is possible to expose the individual by his handwriting. The first sign of the dishonesty of man is the continuous forging of handwriting, evidence of fraudulent tendencies. Mostly such offenses are committed in the financial field.

So people have to make a forgery of loan documents, to write fake receipts. According to experts, such people have no chance to win in his venture as a series of experiments will help bring the attacker to clean water. Moreover, even the use of the left hand does not appear on the manner of writing, if not to take into account the length of phrases and the inclination. The author of the forgery will always be given psychological state, the presence of alcohol or drug dependence or being under the pressure of another individual. This publication reports League news Russia.

In addition, details let you know Paul wrote the text and find out whether a person has the disease.

Earlier, experts told how the tilt of the head of the individual you can see that it represents a person. It is the ability to proudly hold his head up or keep it down, will say a lot about the individual. The researchers also focused on the fact that the number of turns and the position of the head will tell you many things about the character of the individual.

We will add, earlier the experts disclosed information, telling about the fainting. The first swallows to get this condition dizziness, ringing in the ears and misting palms.
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