The mother said that her daughter is terminally ill with cancer and convinced to let starve him out

On the weekends the court has indicted the mother, who lied about her daughter’s terminal cancer, helped to bring to life her last wishes and even convinced the doctors to let the baby starve to death.

Kelly Renee Turner, 41, from Denver (Colorado) accused of the murder of Olivia Grant in August 2017, after lengthy treatment from diseases, which one was not even.

Turner said that Olivia’s health began to deteriorate in 2011 when she was only 13 months old — allegedly due to an inoperable brain tumor. According to the woman, the girl also had autism, epilepsy, celiac disease, and excess fluid in the brain.

Throughout the life of the daughter of Turner led online diary in which he regularly talked about her condition. The woman also actively worked with the television stations, which offered to remove the girl next story. In one of the shows, the little girl was a dream come true and the day was fire, another was transformed into your favorite superhero Batgirl.

The defendant told the doctors that Olivia’s life so unbearable that it was necessary to let her die — and, according to documents cases, even managed to convince some in the right. One of the doctors agreed to sign a ban on the intensive care unit, which included the termination of an intravenous supply of nutrients. Technically, the woman was allowed to starve the daughter to death.

The police still finds out, that became a real cause of death of the child. According to the medical records, Olivia, died from “intestinal failure“. However, pathologists have denied the diagnosis after the exhumation of the body a year later and, besides, has not found symptoms from which the girl allegedly suffered.

It is not known what the disease was Olivia actually — if they were in and was health problems the result of “treatment”.

In the words of the doctors of the child, they had repeatedly reported the lack of symptoms of diseases, from which he allegedly suffered: Olivia was called “cheerful and active” baby. Dr. Kristen Park also asked the mother to stop giving the girl powerful drugs against seizures, who had strong side effects.

The truth about Olivia surfaced when the woman tried to do the same thing with the second oldest daughter — claiming she had cancer. According to authorities, shortly after the girl was taken from the custody of the mother, she literally “blossomed” — and every day feels better.

Presumably, Turner is delegated Munchausen syndrome. Affected patients are willing to lie about the health of loved ones, and even deliberately harm them, desiring thus to attract attention.

Woman arraigned on 13 charges — including murder, abuse of a child, attempt to put pressure on the public servant, forgery and fraud, in which she fraudulently obtained the treatment $538 thousand and collected donations in the amount of approximately $22 thousand

Turner continued to deny the charges and claims that he did not kill her daughter.
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