In the Israeli cave found harvesting food by the age of 420 thousand years

Israeli archaeologists during an expedition to the cave Kesem revealed fragments of extremely old stock of provisions. Notable is the fact that the food turned several hundred thousand years. In favor of the above theory is the presence of the remains of deer are subjected to cutting.

As noted by the explorers of ancient artifacts, RAS Barkai and AVI Gopher, initially, the feet of animals kept fully and then a few weeks ago was used in food. According to preliminary information, the occupation of the cave took place about 420 000 years ago. In turn, after 220 000 years of the primitive community left the confines of this creation of nature. Using the capabilities of the laboratories, the experts managed to establish that the incision in the skin of animals was carried out by means of silicon guns. Then scientists reported that the skin of a murder victim was left intentionally. This publication reports League news Russia.

Archaeologists say that dry skin provides a more long-term food preservation, becoming a sort of “canning jar”. As needed she acted, and then you can get to the bone marrow.

It was noted earlier that in the Crimean cave archaeologists came upon the remains of a snake. It should be noted that it was possible to identify only a meter long fragment of the prehistoric reptile. The value of the findings was that the bones were found in the most narrow and impassable corridors.

Recall that the cave, located in Balaklava, concealed monster, armed with giant claws. Most experts compare the anomaly with a bear-mutant with wrinkled skin.
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