How to cook porridge. Tips cooks

Как правильно варить каши. Советы повара

Especially about the rice milk porridge finally, I wish to tell. Why is she at home such as in the garden does not work. Because there is porridge cooked like this: In boiling milk added sugar and salt and pour the rice. Bring to a boil (if the amount is small, then boiled a) and was removed from the plate. Added oil and covered with a lid. After 20-30 minutes the rice itself is enough swell. Finally it came already on the Bain-Marie.

Rice (porridge is better to take a round) in the ratio: one Cup of grits to one liter of milk.

If you want to prepare at home normal milk porridge – just don’t try to cook right until tender. Remove from heat before it will burn)) easier for You))

Take more milk in proportion. Cook grits in milk after boiling for 1-2 minutes stirring occasionally. Then remove the pot and place in a warm place. You can even cover it with something. After some time, the grits will swell up and you will get a tasty and thick porridge. Thick, not a ball, in which the spoon does not rotate.

So I sometimes buckwheat in the evening pour the water – it swells, and in the morning I just bring to the boil – and all the delicious buckwheat porridge is ready.

Как правильно варить каши. Советы повара

Hercules also cook very liquid – per litre of milk – 7-8 tablespoons of cereal.

Then in a ceramic bowl pour and wrap or cover. Leave overnight – in the morning a beautiful and delicious oat porridge get. Which can be in the microwave to warm.


Как правильно варить каши. Советы повара

Semolina – liter to 4 tablespoons. Monkey is quite a few minutes to simmer and 20 minutes to wait after the plates will be removed.

Как правильно варить каши. Советы повара

In a village, ate a delicious barley. Assembled as Peter prepares it. In the evening the oven is heated (and not Russian, and plate). He is a few handfuls of barley washes, puts it in a cast iron roaster, then water, salt, oil (if post – plant). Covering with a lid and put in the cooling oven. Up in the morning. And in the morning, pulls great, still warm porridge. The ears are not ottyanesh!

Как правильно варить каши. Советы повара

Bon appetit!

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