124-year-old Indian Swami Sivananda told in what lies the secret of his longevity

Resident of India Swami Sivananda told how he managed to live to be 124 years old. It should be noted that such a respectful age on Earth can boast only one. The representative of the stronger sex is popular not only at home but also abroad.

Initially there was an assumption that the secret of longevity of a citizen of India was a direct affiliation to the monks. Himself a survivor believes that the secret of its longevity can be called regular and prolonged practice of yoga. Significant factors that have helped to live to such a ripe old age, an Indian called curbing sexual urges, denial of food rich in calories and harmful additives. The man says that he has a concern of the modern statutes of the society. Despite the fact that humanity was not before such an enormous amount of benefits, it was much happier and healthier modern generation. This publication reports League news Russia.

If you believe the passport Sivananda, that he was born in 1896. But in his homeland the information is considered untrue and will continue to be checked.

Earlier, the Thais, who lived to 128 years, shared the secrets of such a long existence on Earth. The main factor associated with longevity of men, was pure and healthy food and regular exercise.

Recall that 109-year-old resident of Scotland said that her secret of longevity lies in the hard work and lack of experiences in relationships with the opposite sex. The woman said that she started working at the age of 13 and never been married.
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