What is chalaza?

Что такое халаза?

Что такое халаза?

The first place among the Breakfast rightly divide oatmeal and eggs cooked in any way. There is nothing easier than to warm up the pan, beat some eggs and wait a bit. And don’t say I never did.

Breaking the egg, you may have seen the strange white thread near the yolk. In the prepared dish, it becomes almost invisible in the raw thread can tell a lot about the freshness of eggs and not only.

Что такое халаза?

Thread near the egg yolks

  • This thread is called chalaza and here’s how it looks.Что такое халаза?
  • I wonder whether it is generally the egg?Что такое халаза?
  • Of course! In addition,it indicates that the egg is fresh and you can eat it.Что такое халаза?
  • Typically the egg is 2 chalaza. It is a kind of anchor that holds the yolk in the middle, not allowing him to fall to the bottom of the egg.Что такое халаза?
  • Another function of the chalaza connection of the yolk with the shell.Что такое халаза?
  • The older the egg, the thinner the thread, therefore, if you notice a broken egg, most likely, it’s ruined.Что такое халаза?
  • Be vigilant and always pay attention to that little detail!Что такое халаза?
  • Now you know what the thread near the yolks is another indicator by which you can determine the quality of the eggs.

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