Premier Honda in Tokyo, “But Fit you all!” Although someone Jazz

Премьера Honda в Токио: "А вот Fit вам всем!" Хотя кому-то и Jazz

Split personality – not always an alarming symptom. When it comes to “personality” of the car, nothing to worry about. For example, regardless of the fact that somewhere sells a model called Fit, and at the other end of the world – Jazz, people get the same, in fact, a car with amendments, except that on local circumstances. So at the Tokyo motor show, the new Fit, the Japanese showed to absolutely everyone!

On the background of a genuine bacchanalia concept cars peculiar to the motor show in Tokyo, a serial of modest Fit hatchback, which will go on sale in February, and in Europe under the name Jazz in the middle of next year, looks like a true exotic. But that he and interesting.

The creators of “Fotocasa” 4th generation without false modesty, declare that showed the world “the world standard of compact cars for the next era.” It is emphasized that as a new concept of automotive industry development team revealed the “emotional value that cannot be measured in numerical terms”.

Премьера Honda в Токио: "А вот Fit вам всем!" Хотя кому-то и Jazz

Like it or otherwise, but the new Fit will be available in five different versions, providing a very broad choice for the “vitalyb” depending on their personal preferences and lifestyle. And such attention from the manufacturer to the compact hatch on the background of the dominance of all sorts of crossovers is really very gratifying. Moreover, the hybrid specification of Fit will be the first compact Honda vehicles, equipped with twin-engine power plant. In Europe, besides the new generation Jazz will be the first Honda model that will receive the special label e:HEV, indicating equipment brand motor company, and in the future, such logos will adorn all-electric cars Honda.

Премьера Honda в Токио: "А вот Fit вам всем!" Хотя кому-то и Jazz

It is argued that a key feature of the new Fit was the concept of the so-called “Four dimensions of comfort”, which implies a visual comfort, comfortable fit, pleasant to the movement and ease of daily use. The model received front rack special configuration that does not limit visibility and at the same time distributes impact for the entire body in the event of an accident. The front seats received new technology for lateral support, designed for sedans Honda. The rear row of seats is designed for high flexibility, and comfortable fit provide increased cushion with more padding, which, along with ample Luggage space should improve the comfort and functionality of the car even on long journeys.

Премьера Honda в Токио: "А вот Fit вам всем!" Хотя кому-то и Jazz

The new Fit offers an impressive set of safety systems and driver assistance. Camera, covering the space in front of the vehicle, complements the work of the technology included in the Suite of Honda Sensing. In combination with eight ultrasonic sensors in the front and back of the model, it will improve the accuracy of the functions of the package – in particular the new system of avoiding a collision. The Sensing package is already available in the basic configuration for all versions of the new Fit.

Премьера Honda в Токио: "А вот Fit вам всем!" Хотя кому-то и Jazz

Also Fit was the first Honda car that received on-Board communication module Honda Connect, which provides three services for the remote control of several functions via smartphone.
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