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Nick Szabo: the Ethereum becomes the “centralized worship”

The developers of Ethereum are showing signs of becoming a force to be reckoned with — this was stated by the famous chirapant and pioneer of bitcoin is Nick Szabo. In the mid 90’s it was Szabo suggested the idea of smart contracts, which became one of the foundations of Ethereum.

Although everwin inherently democratic platform, the need to perform a series of hardporno and updates have made it more centralized. And if early hardforce was supported by miners, there is now a controversy between the miners and operators of nod and developers. The conflict became apparent when the test network Ropsten was divided into two parts, the miners continued to mine the “old” blocks. The question was raised whether the miners to challenge the decision of the developers and “vote with their feet”, continuing to mine the blocks.

In turn, the developers epirrita have insured themselves against this “ice age”, which at the Protocol level makes mining virtually impossible. Thus, the development team for its part can influence the adoption of several decisions. This clogs is to turn the network Ethereum in the “centralized worship”. In his Twitter, he wrote:

Little evil is obvious, so it takes time to see it from the side, but now I can’t deny the evidence: asserting the immutability and centrosoyus on the one hand, and attacking the minimization of trust on the other, the declared decentralization in the transition to the centralized cult.

The developer of bitcoin Jimmy song said recently that the founders of Ethereum regularly change their rhetoric from smart contracts to ICO, now they are talking about decentralized Finance, in the future this concept will change again. Song said: “That’s the kind of technique is used centralized players – they use rhetoric designed to instill confidence in them, using the position of bosses, isn’t it?” Another bitcoin developer Peter Todd said recently that the Ethereum 1.0 turned out to be a fraud because it is advertised as a scalable network of those who knew it wasn’t true.
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