German scientists have denied the benefits of reducing carbohydrates in old age

Немецкие ученые опровергли пользу сокращения углеводов в старости

Reducing consumption of carbohydrates in the elderly, contrary to popular notions, does not improve health or extend life, say scientists of the Institute of biology of aging of the max Planck Society in Germany. The results of their research were published on Tuesday, 22 October, on the portal MedicalXpress.

During the study, researchers were put on a diet young and old mice, and came to the conclusion that rodents, who at a young age after puberty were given 40% less food were healthier in old age. However, the reduction of food in elderly mice had no effect on life expectancy and their health status.

Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that healthy behavior should take root at an earlier stage of life, to improve health in the elderly.

Earlier in the scientific journal JAMA published the results of research experts from Duke University in North Carolina (USA), according to which those who at an early age was low IQ, weak language skills and poor motor skills in middle age tend to slow walking.

In addition, magnetic resonance imaging of the 45 subjects showed that brain volume in those who goes more slowly, is smaller and lower and the density of the cerebral cortex. According to scientists, all this testifies to the early aging of the brain.
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