The girl lost her arm, ignoring the symptoms of the disease

A young woman, mother of 2 children, lost an arm due to flesh-eating bacteria after he ignored the first symptoms of the disease.

IC keira (26) from Utah thought his arm was dislocated in a dream, waking up in the night in agony. However, only when the girl had flu-like symptoms, including nausea and fever, she decided to go to the hospital. Doctors have found that the level of leukocytes in the blood of girls was quite high. And tests and exploratory surgery on the hand showed that she had contracted necrotizing fasciitis, which led to sepsis. This terrible infection eats away the tissue and in the case of Queyras quickly affect the entire body.

Keira 11 days spent in a coma and doctors soon stunned her family that her only chance of survival is amputation of the hand affected by sepsis.

Back in the hospital. Last night I began vomiting and having the shakes… my face was completely white and my lips were…

Geplaatst door Keirra Eames op Zondag 7 april 2019

Now, 9 months later, she decided the first time to share this story. She said, “I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like his arm was dislocated, so she was sick. I couldn’t fall back asleep despite the fact that initially tried to ignore the pain. I was sweating heavily, and I was sick – I thought I had the flu”.

Then the husband Queyras Tyler (28 years old) drove his wife to the hospital. The doctors did tests and found that Queyras sepsis, which meant that we must act quickly. They tried to save her arm, removing dead tissue, but surgeons failed to stop the spread of infection and the bodies of the girls began to fail.

“I lost consciousness and only know what was told by the husband. During the first surgery removed 40% of the muscle mass of the hand, but the sepsis continued spread. I was in a critical condition, as my almost began to fail, and the upper arm turned black. Near the brain began to accumulate fluid, which doctors tried to remove, but when I put, my head was violet. In addition, in the other hand formed 3 clots. The condition did not improve and the doctors wanted to remove both hands, but Tyler knew what I wanted and insisted on surgery. The doctors warned that I can not worry about it and forced him to sign the waiver requirements, since the fingers of my good arm turned black and I was in an unstable state”.

The doctors removed 3 of the thrombus, and at first it seemed that her condition had improved slightly. But the next day she got worse – she had 5 surgery and her right arm was amputated from the shoulder.

After 2 days she started to open my eyes and woke up after 11 days unconscious.

She recalls: “I woke up in the ICU, it is not knowing how I got there and why. I had hallucinations and I had no idea what was happening, but when he realized that no hands, I cried. It was very hard to believe, I felt helpless. It was surreal – one night I went to bed as usual, and the next day fought for his life. After another 10 days in hospital I was transferred to rehab for 2 weeks. Tyler has been my biggest support, and he hasn’t left the bed all this time. And I can’t stop thanking him for what he is not allowed to amputate your other hand”.
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