At the bottom of lake Peipsi, the scientists stumbled upon the temple of the XV century

Seekers of ancient artifacts managed to witness in a Russian pond a unique artifact. An anomaly opened on the site of a historic event known as the battle of the Ice. Experts have established that the lake Peipsi keeps the Foundation of the Church, dated XV century.

It should be noted that the religious Shrine is located only three feet. The creation of the Church was completed in 1450-ies. To find the Church able to scientists in the 1500-meter distance from the shore. While exploring the waterfront representatives of the research world was pretty surprised when I found out that the maximum water depth does not exceed two meters. Also, during a scientific expedition experts have established the existence of a separate deep troughs. Scientists said they still need to learn a lot of facts about the Church, located on the bottom of the lake.This publication reports League news Russia.

After the analysis on the findings will be able to provide a greater amount of information about such a curious artifact.

First, it was noted that Karakansky forest contains a lake, which does not have analogues on the globe. An unusual structure of the lake owes its karst origin, because on the surface, quite often you can see the appearance of limestone. Surprising is the fact that no single source has no such structures and buildings.

We will add that before the researchers went public for information about the Lake of Skeletons, located in the Himalayas. In the above case, we are talking about Roopkund pond, beside which you can contemplate huge number of human remains.
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