Because of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, Assad and Putin are winners in the region

The U.S. military hastened the almost complete withdrawal of troops from Syria, and Kurdish troops in the North-East asking Damascus and Moscow to help repel the invasion of the Turkish troops.

Map of territorial control in Syria has started to move. Kurdish fighters who once stood side by side with the United States now join the fifth corps of the Syrian army under the command of Russia. And Moscow, in the literal sense of the word, moved into the space vacated by President Donald trump.

As reported by NBC News, according to analysts, it became clear that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin became the winners of the geopolitical puzzle, and the Kurds and the US – the losers.

Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin. Source: the website of the Kremlin

The agreement between Assad and the Kurds have actually returned to the Assad almost the entire country, and, of course, it will benefit Russia“- says Michael Stephens, researcher at the Royal United Services Institute.

Monday, October 14, after it became clear that Kurdish forces appealed to Assad for help, the Syrian leader has achieved more in one day than over the last three years. His forces are moving through Northern Syria to the Turkish border and in areas controlled until recently by the Kurds, and ISIS before that.

Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria and to resume the Turkish storm was the last nail in the coffin of a Kurdish dream, “said Fawaz Gerges, Professor of middle East politics at the London School of Economics.

At the moment, the leverage and influence of America was gone, and there is a danger of a wider conflict between Turkey, Syria and maybe even Russia.

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