A young soldier who lost a leg saving friends, considers this “the best event in my life”

When the young American military lost a leg, that would be a real tragedy — but the 21-year-old Ezra Mayes said that the incident proved to be the best event in his life.

“I guess I’m always going to think so. — admits it in an interview with Fox News — Every day I Wake up, I look at [the foot] and I remember how close I was to death. But I’m still here, I survived, and it is just a scar.”

The incident occurred last year when Males stationed in Poland, fell asleep in the tank M1A2, along with two fellow driver Victor Alamo and the gunner Acere crump. Waking up, the guy realized that they were slowly going down somewhere.

Then it gets worse. The brake refused, and none of the instructions of the Protocol for emergencies didn’t help: what would they do to stop a tank was not possible.

“We just <…> was hoping that we slow down one of the trees. recalls Mies — part of what happened.”

Finally, the tank, whose speed has increased to 30 m/h, stopped — by crashing first into a few trees and then into the mound.

Facebook/Ezra Maes. Left to right: crump, Mayes, the Alamo.

Ezra threw through the tank: he has damaged the pelvis in five places, broke my left shoulder and leg, and his right leg stuck in one of the mechanisms. Alamo hit his head on a hatch and broke his back, crump was dislocated legs and a “terrible wound” on the inside of the thigh.

It was impossible to lose: Mayes tried to make every effort to help friends, but when I tried to clamp the wound on his leg Acere heard a strange sound.

“There was cotton. Then something cracked and I thought, Well, great, broken form,” — says the guy.

As it turned out, one form was not limited. Mayes accidentally amputated his own leg when he tried to free himself.

The guy immediately realized what was wrong: he was unconscious and rapidly losing blood, but still didn’t give up trying to help friends. Fortunately, he was able to provide first aid to comrades and to bring into consciousness.

After the collision, almost all radio transmitters and phones either broke or refused — except one, by coincidence, just belonged to Ezra. Alamo was able to get him to pass a guy and he finally called for help.

“When they found us, all laughing and joking. — he says — We were so glad that we came and that we are alive.”

When someone carried him amputirovannyy leg, the guy even managed to defuse the situation, saying,”Hey, please, I need it“.

Now Ezra is back in the States: is the rehabilitation Center for the Intrepid. Schedule — yoga, kayaking, working with service dogs. Besides, he would soon receive a new prosthesis made with the latest technology.

Mayes, whose great-grandfather also served in the army, believes that the incident gave him a second chance in life. The guy hasn’t decided what he would do after finally recovering, but one thing is sure: he will certainly support and inspire people who find themselves in the same situation as he is.

“A positive attitude can change things. <…> I will try to do everything possible to help those who had worse than me.”
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