Scientists caught in the Universe signal with an age of 12 billion years

The researchers involved in the study of cosmic processes, are unable to unravel the phenomenon of signal that occurred 12 billion years in the Universe. This time period is characterized by the formation of the first star formations.

As you know, the first stars were inherent to emit a mysterious glow that was due to the presence of hydrogen atoms. To solve such a long-term phenomenon, astronomers are attempting to install the equipment in various parts of outer space. This rapid technical process over the last decade have yielded some success in this subject. The EDGES telescope was able to prove that the above signal exists, so it is a more upgraded version is will helpful to find a neutral hydrogen signal emitted by the early universe. This publication reports League news Russia.

Surprising is the fact that this Observatory, located in Australia and southern Africa, provides for a million radio antennas.

Earlier in the academic world have established the presence of a entertaining signal, which is sent exalted companion Cerny prints. The incident began when the device was at a minimum distance from the earth. The last time the anomaly was to send a message to the Blue planet 13 years ago.

Recall that the American residents of the village are very hard, since the space signal is not give them rest. A distinctive feature of the phenomenon was his presence in the early hours and the complete absence on the last day of the week.
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