Find out why you need to disable wi-fi router at night

Узнайте почему нужно отключать wi-fi роутер по ночам

Many experts called wi-fi “silent enemy.” Their main argument in defense of this point of view is based on the fact that wi-fi router produce radiation.

New technologies have changed the world and expanded our capabilities for communication, work, entertainment and almost any thing that we could imagine. In particular, a very important role in our life plays wifi, which gives us access to many useful tools.

Wi-fi has become an indispensable thing in our homes, at work, in educational institutions and other places where it is important to communicate with the outside world.

Узнайте почему нужно отключать wi-fi роутер по ночам

Unfortunately, the wireless Internet does have some disadvantages, which are not known to most people. In particular, it can negatively affect our health.

In this article we will tell you more info about why wi-fi can be considered dangerous and how to minimize the risk of its use.

Why wi-fi technology of the Internet can be dangerous?

Although the media reported on the dangers of radiation from mobile phones and other electronic devices, many people ignore these warnings or are you still not aware of.

This technology is used by man for several decades, but in fact takes much more time to understand how it affects the human body.

There have been several scientific studies that analyzed the influence of electromagnetic waves on brain activity and our life-support system. There is reason to assume that wifi and radiation from it can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

The report with public access, known as Bioiniciative, it is stated that about two thousand international studies have identified a connection between prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation on the organism and the formation of tumors.

In addition, this radiation can be the cause continuing headaches, migraines, hyperactivity and sleep disorders.

The people who work with this type of equipment should comply strictly with the recommendation to reduce the impact of negative effect of radiation on the body.

Anxiety increases due to the impact wi-fi signal in children, the body which are especially susceptible to damage because it is in the process of development.

Thinking about it, countries such as the UK, France and Sweden, have started to remove the wi-fi routers from schools, museums, libraries and other public areas to reduce the impact of this technology on children’s health.

How to reduce the negative effect of using a wi-fi router?

Узнайте почему нужно отключать wi-fi роутер по ночам

To reduce the negative effects of wi-fi router, you can do the following:

  • To turn off the router at night or when no one is using.
  • If the router is in the kitchen or in the bedroom, try to move it to a less visited place.
  • Think about holding a cable network, even a phone. Wireless mobile Internet much more comfortable, but the effect of radiation causes to our health a lot of harm.
  • Use mobile phones and computers only at certain times. Don’t keep them in your room.
  • More time spend in the fresh air, do exercise and read books on paper, not in digital format.Unfortunately, it is impossible to know reliably when we are exposed to radiation.In addition, electromagnetic pollution in the world is growing by leaps and bounds, and we still don’t know what will be his level in a few years.

    In countries such as the US and Japan scientists are already trying to develop another type of technology that does not involve the use of electromagnetic waves.

    According to preliminary estimates, it took about 30 years to warn people about the impact of these devices on the human body.

    Each of us can reduce the impact of harmful technologies to your body and the body of the loved ones.

    We need to be responsible and careful users of the new technologies for their own security.

    Remember, although wireless Internet is very convenient, it can be dangerous to our health. Try to find a balance!

    P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world!

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