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Date hard forks Istanbul in the blockchain Ethereum — 4 December 2019

The developers of Ethereum planned hard forks Istanbul activation in the core network on the block #9 056 000. Miners will make it for roughly 4 December.

As you approach the deployment of Ethereum 2.0 community has begun to pay more attention to other changes in the ecosystem.

If Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently told about recent changes in the Protocol sharding, the product Manager PegaSys Protocol Engineering Tim Bako shared another update on the anticipated hard forks Istanbul.

“Of course, it can be progress, but there is a clear consensus that the 4th of December will be a date hard forks. Will keep in mind the 8th Jan, if something goes wrong (*cough* St. Petersburg! *cough*)!

So Istanbul will be held in early December!”

In addition, Bejko stressed that the development of Ethereum will focus on the issue EIP-2124, ID fork to verify compatibility of networks and alternative to the discovery Protocol. Innovation was the “idea @ peter_szilagyi that customers are communicated with each other through the entire history of the forks, not just Genesis”.

In this regard, part of the community anticipates the establishment of Genesis and EIP-2124, which may simplify the identification of the current network user.

Publication date 27.10.2019
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