In Thailand, palaeontologists have unearthed the remains of a huge predatory kargapoltseva

Paleontologists were able to open on the Asian continent new species of predatory dinosaurs. It should be noted that in the above case, we are talking about kargapoltseva, which became widespread during the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.

The palm size above the animal world shared with spinosauridae. Experts focused attention on the fact that, since the Cretaceous period, Asia could not boast of having the skeletons of these reptilian creatures. Most common were fragments of baramov and toronov, who lived 127 and 93 million years ago, respectively. Then these giants appeared similar in abelisaurids and tyrannosaurids. During excavations in Thailand, experts stumbled upon the remains of the skull, the vertebral system of the limbs of the old predator. This publication reports League news Russia.

Phylogenetic analysis shows that sinraptor is a basal representative of carcharodontosaurus: so, it very early broke away from the rest of the group.

Earlier Sakhalin fishermen were on the shoulder to get to the shore of the representative dinosaurs. Initially the three men it was very hard to cope with such a huge catch. Only a caution and acquired skills helped the heroes remain unharmed.

Recall that the Swiss mountain range of tail fragments of prehistoric turtles. These animals suffered under mysterious circumstances. It was found that the turtles 150 million years ago was under the feet of huge dinosaurs.


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