Mysterious lunar substance was an ancient mineral

Загадочное лунное вещество оказалось древним минералом

A team of Chinese scientists published pictures of a new substance, which was found on the side of the moon. It was discovered by the Rover “WiTu-2”, which operates the satellite Earth almost 10 months.

According to astronomers, the discovery is minerals. Their education they owe to the strong strike of a cosmic body, writes “Ridus”.

It was once a mineral, but then it crashed meteorite. Then he turned into a bright, and sometimes dark glass. However, some minerals can potentially be of basaltic rocks encountered at the time when the Moon was volcanically active over — expressed the opinion of a geologist, NASA Dan Moriarty.

Station “Chang’e-4” lunar Rover “WiTu-2” has landed on the side of the moon on 3 January 2019. The main tasks of the machine analysis of the structure of the soil and measure the level of radiation emitted by the stars. Rover helps to make pictures of the moon, take soil samples and make observations.

As reported, “UTU-2” on the reverse side of the moon, discovered a mysterious colored substance. The findings were recorded unusual color and luster, the structure of the gel.

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